Hi there! I am Piotr and I come from Poland. I grew up in a typical countryside in the south-east of Poland, helping my parents with their small farm. Few years ago I moved to Cracow - one of the biggest city in Poland.

Now, I am working for an international corporation,

but I have always felt this vivid bond with the nature,

I believe it's because of my background. I am sharing with you my story, as I am getting more and more worried about climates crisis which we are facing now, dramatically escalating for last couple of years. Especially, in terms of deforestation process, which looks like it's totally out of control. 

Therefore, I realized that someone needs to do something about it, so I started from myself.

3 years I and my family planted 820 trees on more then 1 acre of our land. I am proud to say, that since then these trees have produced nearly 300,000 pounds of oxygen and remove over 5 tones of carbon dioxide!


These numbers motivate me to continue planting more trees and with your help we can save our planet for ALL of US. I strongly believe that these baby steps are just beginning of something really big.